Artificial Intelligence for Fighting the Pandemic

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Artificial Intelligence for Generating High Fidelity Videos

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Thoughts and Theory

New SOTA for Depth Estimation

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Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery

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Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and Uncertainty Quantification

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Important Points

  1. We propose a new network which uses a ResNet based feature extractor, downsampling block using dilated convolutions and upsampling block using transposed convolutions.
  2. We present a novel aggregation module which makes our network robust to the perspective…

New state of the art neural network for autonomous driving

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Important Points

  1. We have used dilated convolutional layers in downsampling part, transposed convolutional layers in the upsampling part and concat layers to merge them.
  2. Skip connections in between alternate blocks are used which helps in reducing overfitting considerably.
  3. We present an in depth theoretical analysis of our network with training and optimization details.
  4. We evaluated our network on the Camvid dataset using mean accuracy per class and Intersection Over Union (IOU) as the evaluation metrics.
  5. Our model outperforms previous state of…

Enhancing interpretability using bayesian neural networks

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To reduce false positives and false negatives

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And boost the productivity of the farm


A complete machine learning real world application walk-through using LSTM neural networks

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Abhinav Sagar

Co — Founder at Stealth Startup, Previous Deep learning researcher at VIT Vellore.

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